Associazione per la Meditazione di Consapevolezza Vipassanā

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LIVE IN VIDEO CONFERENCE ON THE ZOOM PLATFORM SATURDAY the 7th of NOVEMBER 4.00 pm-7.00 pm, entitled: The Indian revelation in Simone Weil’s thought. The intensive is aimed at all members.


Sabina Moser. Philosophy and Theology graduate, teacher of Catholic Religion at Liceo Michelangiolo in Florence. She published “La fisica soprannaturale. Simone Weil e la scienza” (“Supernatural Physics. Simone Weil and science”); “Uno sguardo nuovo. Il problema del male in Etty Hillesum e Simone Weil” (“A new take. The problem of evil in Etty Hillesum and Simone Weil”) (with Beatrice Iacopini); “Il “credo” di Simone Weil” (“Simone Weil “beliefs”), and the anthological series “Simone Weil. L’attesa della verità” (“Simone Weil. Waiting for the truth”).
Marco Vannini, former teacher of Mysticism History at Trento’s Religious Sciences Institute, he edited the italian edition of all the works of Meister Eckhart, both german and latin, as well as various works by medieval and modern mystics (Margherita Porete, Jean Gerson, Fénelon, Madame Guyon, Sebastian Franck, Valentin Weigel, Daniel von Czepko, Angelus Silesius, etc.). Among his last works we remember, “Mistica e filosofia” (“Mysticism and Philosophy”) “Storia della mistica occidentale” (“A History of Western Mysticism”), “La mistica delle grandi religioni” (“The mystique of the great religions”), “Prego Dio che mi liberi da Dio” (“I pray God to be freed from God”), “Oltre il Cristianesimo” (“Beyond Christianity”), “Introduzione a Eckhart” (An Introduction to Eckhart”)