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Associazione per la Meditazione di Consapevolezza Vipassanā

Vicolo d'Orfeo, 1 - 00193 Roma (RM) - a 200 metri da San Pietro - tel (+39) 06 6865148

What is the A.Me.Co.?

The “Associazione per la Meditazione di Consapevolezza” (Insight Meditation Association) A.Me.Co. was founded in December 1987 in Rome by Corrado Pensa, Neva Papachristou and six other Members, all Dharma practitioners. A.Me.Co is a religious buddhist organization of Theravāda tradition, born to testify, cultivate and disseminate, in accordance with the buddhist Scriptures, and with an interreligious […]

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In 2017 A.Me.Co. turned 30

In 2017 A.Me.Co. turned 30. The Organisation has been, and keeps being a welcoming refuge in the heart of a big city, for whoever wants to practice meditation and study Dharma. A.Me.Co. is a concrete support for people who want to nurture healthy habits like wisdom, compassion and generosity.

A.Me.Co. testifies the inner journey taught by Buddha. The result of this journey concerns the whole community. Everyone who is raised with love, wisdom, ethics and generosity contributes to the whole human family. The Organisation is happy to be able to keep growing and organizing activities to those who want to nurture their mind-heart.

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“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” (Anne Frank)

Due to the current financial crisis, A.Me.Co. has been keeping the same membership prices for years, giving access to Buddha’s Dharma Teachings to many.
Please help us, so that in 2018 the Organisation can continue spreading wisdom, love and compassion, all much needed right now.

Support A.Me.Co. to give us the necessary confidence to keep going.

Support A.Me.Co. because we are a community, and your help is a gift for everyone else.

The range in which our kindness acts is often much bigger than what we imagine.

Why Meditate


In one of his famous speeches, Sedaka Sutta, Buddha explains the need of taking care of oneself and others. He doesn’t say that the only important thing is to take care of others – as present western moralism instead preaches. It’s actually fundamental to take care of both of oneself, and others. Taking care of oneself indicates maturity, and has nothing to do with perpetual worrying about ourselves. Let’s not forget that, once we get stronger with self-care, we become more useful and are capable of paying attention to others.

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Latest news

  • Neva Papachristou live on Facebook WEDNESDAY THE 8th OF APRIL

    The next meeting of the Seminar led by NEVA PAPACHRISTOU entitled: Are we aware of the suffering generated by the attachment to our thoughts and opinions? will be live on Facebook WEDNESDAY  THE 8th OF APRIL at 8.00 pm on the AMeCo Facebook page. The audio track will also be sent to the people registered through the […]

  • Frank Ostaseski on the A.Me.Co. Facebook page

    It was published in full on the Facebook page of the A.Me.Co. the videoconference led by FRANK OSTASESKI who welcomed our invitation with great kindness to support us in these difficult days. The mystery of uncertainty is the title that Frank chose for this meeting in which he explored the possibility of living with wisdom […]

  • Videoconference with JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN

    JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN welcomed with moving solicitude our invitation to conduct a videoconference FRIDAY APRIL the 17th from 8 pm  entitled: The practice of awareness, sati-mindfulness, in these difficult times. The meeting will take place live on the Zoom platform and will be posted the following day on the AMeCo Facebook page. Joseph Goldstein co-founder of […]

  • Pomaia retreat from the 5th to the 8th of March has been canceled

    Given the medical situation of emergency that our country is going through Neva and Corrado have decided, to better protect everyone’s health, to cancel the retreat organized by the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Pomaia scheduled from March the 5th to 8th. With the hope that this emergency will soon end for the good of […]

  • The number is changed to book for Albino’s retreat

    Reservations are open for the DHARMA AND VIPASSANĀ MEDITATION RETREAT in ALBINO (BERGAMO) led by CORRADO PENSA and NEVA PAPACHRISTOU from TUESDAY the 28th of APRIL to SUNDAY the 3rd of MAY. Open to anyone who has took part in other retreats with Corrado and / or Neva. FOR RESERVATIONS CALL FROM the 24th of […]