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Associazione per la Meditazione di Consapevolezza Vipassanā

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Giacomella Orofino

Giacomella Orofino teaches Tibetan Language and Literature and IndoTibetan religions at Naples’ University “L’Orientale”. She is the author of many essays, translations, and scientific papers about Tibetan religious and literary history. She is one of the founders of A.S.I.A., an NGO working for the preservation of asiatic peoples’ historic and cultural heritage, and their identities, expecially Tibet and the Himalayans. She is President of the Center for buddhist studies at the “L’Orientale” University, which promotes a better knowledge of buddhist philosophy, art and literature in an interdisciplinary context. Her most recent works are: A Note on Two Theogonic Myths Found in a Bon Magic Ritual in Havnevik, H. and Ramble C. (eds), From Bhakti to Bon. Festschrift for Per Kværne. The Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture Series B, vol. CLV. Oslo: Novus Press (2015) and “The Long Voyage of a Trickster Story from Ancient Greece to Tibet” in Jim Rheingans (ed.) Tibetan Literary Genres, Textes, and Text Types. From Genre Classification to Transformation. Brill, Leiden, Boston (2015).