Associazione per la Meditazione di Consapevolezza Vipassanā

Vicolo d'Orfeo, 1 - 00193 Roma (RM) - a 200 metri da San Pietro - tel (+39) 06 6865148


THURSDAY the 26th of MARCH 4pm-6pm entitled: Factors of awakening and SATURDAY the 28th of MARCH 4pm-6pm entitled: The questions unexplained by the Buddha. Intensive courses are open to all members and it is possible to register for just one meeting.


Giuliano Giustarini practices Dharma at A.Me.Co and at Ajahn Chah traditional monasteries. He teaches Theravāda Buddhism, as well as pāli language and literature at Mahidol University in Thailand. From March the 1st to May the 31st 2017 he has been a visiting professor at La Sapienza University of Rome.