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Associazione per la Meditazione di Consapevolezza Vipassanā

Vicolo d'Orfeo, 1 - 00193 Roma (RM) - a 200 metri da San Pietro - tel (+39) 06 6865148


from SUNDAY the 27th of SEPTEMBER to SUNDAY the 4th of OCTOBER. Open only to those who have participated in other retreats with Corrado and / or Neva.

FOR RESERVATIONS CALL FROM THE 3rd TO THE 13th of AUGUST FROM 9.00am TO 12.00am AND FROM 3.00pm TO 6.00pm AT NUMBER 3314487147. CONTACT THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS BY EMAIL: ritirovipassana@gmail.com

Corrado Pensa is a founding member and, together with Neva Papachristou, teacher and guide of A.Me.Co. Senior Dharma teacher at the Insight Meditation Society of Barre (USA), for several years he was a professor of Religions and Philosophies of India at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome and a Jungian psychotherapist. He writes regularly for SATI, the magazine of A.Me.Co. He has published numerous texts on Buddhism and the practice of meditation of awareness (Vipassanā). With Mondadori: The Silence Between Two Waves. With Promolibri: Wise Attention, Unwise Attention. With Astrolabio Ubaldini: La tranquilla passione (The Quiet Passion); L'intelligenza Spirituale (The Spiritual Intelligence), in May 2018, together with Neva Papachristou, Affrettati Piano: Il cammino interiore e la meditazione di consapevolezza: una strada per la felicità (Make Haste Slowly: The Inner Path and the Mindfulness Meditation: a Way to Happiness) and, in February 2019, always with Neva Papachristou, Dare il cuore a ciò che conta (Give the Heart to What Matters), which in 2012 was released for Mondadori.  
Neva Papachristou is a guiding teacher of A.Me.Co. (Insight Meditation Association) that she founded in 1987 together with Corrado Pensa. She has been studying and practicing Dharma since 1984, both with teachers of the Insight Meditation Society (Barre, USA) and the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center (Cambridge, USA) in Europe and the USA. According to the Theravāda tradition, she was nominated Dharma teacher by Larry Rosenberg, guiding teacher of the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. She is the author of a thesis on Ajahn Sumedho. She is editorial director of SATI, the magazine of the A.Me.Co. She has published for Astrolabio Ubaldini, together with Corrado Pensa, in May 2018: Make Haste Slowly: The Inner Path and the Mindfulness Meditation: a Way to Happiness. And, in February 2019: Give the Heart to what Matters. The Buddha and the Insight Meditation, just published for Arnoldo Mondadori in 2012.